Ethnic Bakery

Racine Bakery is known for its ethnic baked goods. Select from our variety below.

Bacon Buns

Our bacon buns are made from a traditional Lithuanian recipe. Serve warm or cold.

*price each


Made entirely by hand, these delicate, flaky pastries filled with rich raspberry and apricot filling will simply melt in your mouth. These traditional Polish cookies are always a favorite and a must for the holidays!

*1 lb serves approximately 10 people

Krullers (Krustai)

Twisted deep-fried pastries covered with powdered sugar.

*price pre lb


Traditional deep fried pastries filled with jelly and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

*price each

Shortbread Cookies

Traditional Lithuanian shortbread cookies.

*price pre lb


A traditional Lithuanian cake for weddings and special occasions.

*price per lb

Small Raguolis 16" high is approximately $105

Large Raguolis 24" high is approximately $150

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